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Property Advertising and Marketing

The properties Bay City Rentals Tga Limited have available for rent are advertised on our web page and Trade me and other social media to promote your rental property and if appropriate the local newspaper.  All available properties are included in our rental list, which is updated daily.



Bay City Rentals Tga Limited pride ourselves in having open lines of communication between our tenants and owners at all times via phone, text, email and social media e.g. Facebook (Bay City Rentals)

Bay City Rentals Tga Limited will communicate with tenants through regular inspections we believe in treating every tenant fairly and with respect whilst always dealing with them appropriately and in a professional manner.

We believe that by treating people fairly and with respect will favourably assist us in being able to quickly resolve or minimise situations before they become an issue.

We believe harmony is way more productive. However should things go wrong we will act promptly and professionally and legally  to rectify the situation.

Our owners are also kept fully informed of all situations regarding their properties.