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The properties that Bay City Rentals Tga Limited have available for rent are advertised on this web page, Trade me, and if requested, the local newspaper.

If you have seen a property that you would like to view, we ask you to drive by first to ensure it is in an area you like, and that the type of the property appeals to you, and to watch any property video tour.

If you're interested in tenanting the property, please in the first instance fill out our online Tenancy Application Form. or download our mobile app. Please do this even before you view the property as this will expediate the application process.

Then contact us to confirm and arrange a time to meet on site and show you the property.

It is important that every person who intends to occupy the property is included on the application form. It should be completed in full so that your application can be processed promptly.

Your application will be processed and in most cases this will be turned around within 24 hours. This is subject to all information being supplied and we are able to make contact with your referees - so please let them know we will be contacting them.


If you are the successful applicant you will hear from Bay City Rentals Tga Limited by phone.

If you are the successful applicant, Bay City Rentals Tga Limited will contact you to arrange a suitable time to sign a Tenancy Agreement.

At the time a Tenancy Agreement is signed, you will be required to pay four weeks rent as Bond plus one weeks rent in advance.

Your Bond

Bonds are held with The Department of Building and Housing. The bond is money the tenant pays at the start of the tenancy to cover anything you owe at the end.

Who is responsible for what?

As a tenant of the property you are responsible to maintain the property in the same or similar condition - less fair wear and tear - as it was offered at the commencement of your tenancy.

The owner is responsible to make repairs to any building faults, plumbing, electrical, heating and general repairs considered fair wear and tear.

It is the tenant's responsibility to replace any blown light bulbs throughout the property, fuses, cracked or broken windows and screens (unless the incident is reported to police as vandalism), cleaning heat pump filters monthly and maintaining gardens and lawns (it is important to mow, weed and water regularly). The tenant is also responsible for paying for the water usage at the property.


If you are ever unsure of who is responsible for the repair, please contact your Property Manager.